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TVS iQube Electric Scooter Feature Review 2020-02-23

These days, all the motorcycle manufacturing companies are trying to give emphasis on scooters because they are really supportive and user friendly two wheeler that ease our daily travelling. Moreover, scooters are very suitable for both male and female rider. Regarding that today we will going to discuss about a brand new innovation of TVS, which ... English Bangla

Bangladesh to approve Electric Vehicle       2021-02-17

Global warming is one of the alarming problems of this time and one of the major causes of this problem is the Carbon-di-oxide that emerging from the fuel vehicles and from factories and industries. Due to the global warming there is a huge chance of drowning a lot of place of earth and there is also increasing number of natural disaster. Meanwhi... English Bangla

Vespa launches new e-bike "Vespa Electrica"       2021-02-16

The Italian company Vespa has brought their new e-bike "Vespa Electric" for the Indian subcontinent, using the formula of good performance at a low price. They said that once the bike is fully charged, it will run for about 100 kilometers. At present, both the demand and the market for Electric Scooters are growing in the Indian subcontinent. Al... English Bangla

Three wheeler 'Bagh' to start production in Bangladesh       2021-02-14

This is the first time that Bangladesh is going to produce three wheelers. The car is both eco-friendly, affordable and safe. Most of the mechanical cars made in Bangladesh are imported from outside. But this three-wheeler will be the country's first own production, as the entrepreneur claims. The name of the three wheeler produced in the countr... English Bangla

Why Should Buy Electric Bike?       2020-03-03

Just with the flow of time, we are sensing change on the each layer of our life. When to communicate in our daily life we mostly choose motorcycle which not only gives us the freedom to move on the road rather its serves the expected speed and commute the distance just according to the riders demand. It is better to mention that, motorcycles got a ... English Bangla

How To Get Better Mileage In Electric Bikes?       2020-02-10

When you are thinking about to using or you are already using an electronic motorcycle then you must thought about the proper way to have better mileage but you are not going to have it through the liters of fuel rather you have to know the way to have the best service through the single or one time charge only. So these are the tips you can follow... English Bangla