🏍 TVS iQube Electric Scooter Feature Review

  Date: 2020-02-23    Views: 1643


These days, all the motorcycle manufacturing companies are trying to give emphasis on scooters because they are really supportive and user friendly two wheeler that ease our daily travelling. Moreover, scooters are very suitable for both male and female rider. Regarding that today we will going to discuss about a brand new innovation of TVS, which is TVS iQUBE Electric. TVS iQUBE Electric scooter delivers convenient, personalized and eco-friendly experience. Moreover it comes with more running ability, reduced fuel cost, unmatched riding experience and easy maintenance. In its own segment this scooter is built with trendy and updated design. It has speed, superb running ability and modern features, so what more we are going to need for riding a scooter. Generally all the fuel powered scooter holds the demand but this electric scooter has that capability to grab attention. Bellow the lines we will try to bring in all the added features TVS iQUBE contains.


TVS IQUBE Electric is designed with the best effort of TVS. With its cutting edge technology and sharp lines this scooter becomes very trendy for incomparable riding. Sliver chromed color and unmatched new design makes the outlook more attractive for the viewers. Visually, the TVS iQube looks unusual with the single LED headlamp up front in the center, but gets nicer looking bits like the gloss black finish on the handlebar and the front bib. There isconsiderable use of chrome around the side sections and the LED taillight.


TVS iQube mated with a 2.25 kWh lithium-ion battery, which provides power to 4.4 kW motor. The scooter gets two riding modes - Economy and Power and the top speed of the iQube is about KM/H. Besides that TVS claims the running range of this scooter 75 kilometers on a single charge. This batter will take 4.5 hours to be charged up fully with the standard 5 Amp charger. Acceleration range is also very acceptable, like 0-40 is achievable in 4.2 seconds. This scooter contains electric hub motor.


This new scooter comes with dedicated home charging unit and for that reason the usersdo not have to worry about the charging. You can charge this scooter anywhere you want. Meanwhile this scoter has regenerative braking system which give the extra facilities to be charged up while you ride. Using 5A adapter socket and charging cable this scooter can be charged anywhere.
Tire and suspensions:

Both side tubeless tires are seen at this new scooter from TVS and the tire measurements are 90/90-12. Both these tires are placed over alloy wheels for more sustainable performance and durability.
On the other side for the suspension TVS used Telescopic Forks at the front and hydraulic twin tube shock absorber at the rear

Extra features:

- 150mm ground clearance and 118 Kg weight.
- Underneath storage.
- Convenient charging port with lights
- 10 degrees Gradeability.
- 140 NM peak wheel torque