🏍 Vespa launches new e-bike "Vespa Electrica"

  Date: 2021-02-16    Views: 473

Vespa Elettrica.jpg

The Italian company Vespa has brought their new e-bike "Vespa Electric" for the Indian subcontinent, using the formula of good performance at a low price. They said that once the bike is fully charged, it will run for about 100 kilometers.

At present, both the demand and the market for Electric Scooters are growing in the Indian subcontinent. Almost all the companies from big to big are looking at their fuel powered bikes as well as scooters very well. Companies like Hero and TVS are not excluded from this.

However, the well-known Italian brand Vespa is now competing with them. One thing to note here is that some of the most famous scooters in the world have to be name of Vespa, but before they were all fuel engine and now they are coming with electric scooters which they want to replace with electric scooters to replace fuel engines in the near future. And they named this new model "Vespa Electrica".
In the first phase, Vespa will launch two models of their Electric Scooters, one with a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour and the other with a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour. These scooters will use Lithium Ion Batteries with LED headlamps, USB charging points, tubeless tires, full body color LED lighting and Remote Boot Opening.

According to the company, the bike will be Super Silent, as well as decorated with Digital Speedometer, Digital Tripometer, Digital Fuel Gauge and Advanced Digital Console. This bike has a special technology through which the rider can easily go in Reverse Gear.
Vespa will be far ahead of other brands in terms of design. Vespa is a well-known model to almost everyone, whose design easily adapts to anyone. With Bluetooth technology, the rider can always stay connected to the bike if he wants.
To ensure quality, it has a 3-year warranty with Lithium Ion Battery replacement and is priced at around 1 lakh Taka in the Indian subcontinent market, much less than the Vespa’s brand value. On the other hand, Vespa will sell about 70 types of accessories along with the bike.

The Vespa E-Bike is expected to be officially launched in the market by the end of February this year.