🏍 Three wheeler 'Bagh' to start production in Bangladesh

  Date: 2021-02-14    Views: 3085


This is the first time that Bangladesh is going to produce three wheelers. The car is both eco-friendly, affordable and safe. Most of the mechanical cars made in Bangladesh are imported from outside. But this three-wheeler will be the country's first own production, as the entrepreneur claims.

The name of the three wheeler produced in the country is “Bagh”. It is eco-friendly, affordable and safe at the same time. It has WiFi facility, TV viewing system. Unlike conventional acid batteries, it is made of eco-friendly solar and lithium batteries. This vehicle capable of transporting 6 passengers has been developed by “Bagh Eco Motors” whose entrepreneur is “Kazi Bappi”. If all goes well, the three-wheeler “Bagh” will go into commercial production this year.

At present, acid battery-powered three-wheeled autorickshaws are plying everywhere from the district cities of the country to the metropolis. The acidity of these car batteries at the end of its life causes serious damage to the environment. In addition, the death of the passenger by wrapping clothes around his neck also happens every day. Meanwhile, there is no new registration of CNG autorickshaws in the capital Dhaka for many years. So the price of an old number one autorickshaw also skyrocketed. To solve all these problems, an entrepreneur named “Kazi Bappi” has developed a three-wheeled vehicle that is environmentally friendly with lithium ion batteries. This vehicle has solar system. With the help of which you can run 40 kilometers and the battery will run 90 kilometers. It has two CCTV cameras inside and outside. For that reason, the owner can monitor the driver's movement if he wants. There is WiFi, TV viewing, phone charger and emergency alarm system. Entrepreneur “Kazi Bappi” also says that his plan is not only to produce but also to ride sharing with this vehicle. In that case, “Bagh” will be the first ride sharing company of its own transport.

However, if anyone wants, he can buy the three-wheeler tiger on the way. In that case registration will be required with BRTA. The maximum price of a three wheeler Bagh will be 4 to 6 lakh Taka. With proper patronage, the three-wheeler “Bagh” will be able to meet domestic demand as well as earn foreign exchange in the near future.