🏍 This Victory Month by getting Green Tiger discount offer

  Date: 2020-12-01    Views: 126

Throughout the month of December, popular electric bike brand Green Tiger has come up with attractive discount offers. This offer includes Green Tiger GT-10 Easy Bike and Green Tiger Battery Pack with up to 16% discount.

Electric bikes are very popular vehicle at present. Because it doesn't consume as much oil or fuel as other cars. It runs on electric charge which is quite affordable. It is also designed for the scooter segment and can be used by both men and women and even younger students. To make electric bikes more popular, Green Tiger GT-10 model easy bikes and battery packs are now available at 16% discount this month.

Offer details are –
- Offer this discount only on Green Tiger GT-10 models and battery packs.
- EMI facility on discounted price.
- This facility is available only when purchasing online or through web site.
- This facility is available throughout the month of December.

Log on to buy Green Tiger Easy Bike and Battery Pack online or on the web-

1. https://greentiger.com.bd/shop/product/gt-10-34#attr=49
2. https://greentiger.com.bd/.../bat5-greentiger-battery-12v...
So don't delay, Visit our website at greentiger.com.bd and gift yourself the best E-Bike this Victory Month!