🏍 Bangladesh to approve Electric Vehicle

  Date: 2021-02-17    Views: 533

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Global warming is one of the alarming problems of this time and one of the major causes of this problem is the Carbon-di-oxide that emerging from the fuel vehicles and from factories and industries. Due to the global warming there is a huge chance of drowning a lot of place of earth and there is also increasing number of natural disaster.
Meanwhile, as Bangladesh is mostly warm by the climate and there is most of the vehicles are fuel engine so the weather is getting hotter with the flow of time. From this point of view, Bangladesh is also on the way to approve the Electric Vehicles and this process is already under process. A meeting has held at the beginning of this year where rough rules and regulations has taken to approve the electric vehicles in Bangladesh and this will be approved by resolving some issues later.

Proposed vehicles for approval:

- Motorcycle
- Three – wheeler
- Lite vehicle
- Mid-lite vehicle
- Heavy vehicle

As usual these vehicles have to register from BRTA then can be used. Rickshaw and bicycle of battery powered will not be listed in this list.
There is no approval of powered vehicle in Bangladesh till now but only under the city area City Corporation approve some motorcycle in a minor number which are forbidden on the highways.

There are Electric motorcycles we can see in our country which are imported from China. Same time, Runner, Akij Motors are manufacture Electric motorcycle in a few number. There are some brands that selling electric vehicles in Bangladesh in