🏍 Advantage of Electric Bike

  Date: 2020-02-09    Views: 403

It is very common to sense everything new in the daily life and those new and updating things are just make your life easier and from this point of view, every creative person are keeping themselves busy to have something new for you. There is no doubt about that motorcycles have made our life easier while on the road and transport. This vehicle makes the way easy to make our own ignoring the matter of traffic of the city life even the highways. To follow this trend Electric bikes are coming to make you feel the better if you are already annoyed with common bikes. As because the electric bikes have the features which are going to make you impress for some specific reasons. Let’s take a look what are the reasons to be famous of electric bikes in the upcoming days:

1. Environment Friendly:

The first thing I have to mention is its Eco Friendly features by which it never ever emerge any type smoke from the engine rather the whole function is done by the Electricity that reserved through the battery. Just for this reason, a time will be come when all the fuel engine going to be ban to balance the eco system where only electric vehicle will be found.

2. Easy to Maintain:

General motorcycles often make you feel irritate just because of its over caring tendency and comparing with that electric bike will keep you in comfort as because this merely need such type of care that common motorcycle needed. You just have to change the battery that needed to on the specific time, follow the charging instruction and ride safely as you usually do.

3. Driving license is not compulsory:

One of the most amazing parts of the electric bikes is, driving license is not compulsory to ride these bikes whether you are on the cities or in the rural parts. You never have to wait for long time on the BRTA office. So you can purchase this electric bike only for you and your whole family can ride it legally.

4. Save Money:

Comparing this one with the features, this one is not only money efficient on the matter of price rather this one save a lot on all type of service and maintenance. As because you don’t have refill the fuel but just to check the charging meter and put the plug on. You can use here natural power by switching solar panel which can save power from our national grid.

5. Soundless and Powerful enough Vehicle:

You hardly going to sense any type of sound while riding an electric motorcycle same time, you are going to have the comfort enough from this motorcycle wherever you go even on the cities or in the rural areas why because this one top speed is around 50 kilometers or so which is just good enough for an electric bike chooser. Meanwhile, this one made with instant torque which is not going to make you wait to pick up high speed.

6. An Excellent Bike for the Women and Senior Citizen:

The design of the electric is done on the basis especially for those who merely like anything over look or over design on the bikes. To be clear on this point, we often ignore general bikes just because of it’s over speeding tendency, rough noise and budget to purchase and to maintain then we choose mass communication where we have to lose our time and no end of irritation. To avoid these all, electric bike would have been a perfect solution for you as because this will make your own way while on the road just because for its marvelous size.

7. Light Weight:

You don’t have to take much time to adjust with this motorcycle as because its weight is not so heavy and most of the electric bikes are made with the combination of the disk break which going to allow you to have the exact control over this bike whatever the situation is.

Ignoring these all, there is some hidden and not seen problem on the electric bikes as well. 1. This bike take a long time to be full charged and you can’t travel a long route with a single charge same time, you are not going to have charging point or charging station on the way you are going. 2. Charging through the solar panel is not so popular till now so charging these types of bikes would hamper our national power grid which would be a reason for problem of losing electricity. 3. There is no permission to ride an electric bike on the highways.

So by considering these all, you have to make your decision if you are thinking to have a motorcycle of your own.